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Plastic Recycling Doncaster

Plastic Recycling Services Doncaster

It is estimated that nearly 3 million tonnes of plastic waste is produced a year in the UK. This is clearly a problem for both commercial and public sector landfill targets, especially as plastic is very light in weight and takes up a huge amount of space.

Cutts Recycling can offer large producers of plastic waste, skips or compaction units. We can also supply a choice of balers combined with scheduled collections from our transport fleet.

With regards to household mixed plastics, the our fully automated Material Recycling Facilities are capable of grading different types of plastics and can also colour sort, which provides a superior quality product.

We process 5 different types of plastic:-
Natural PET: (eg fizzy drinks bottles)

Col PET: (eg tinted water bottles)

Natural HDPE: (eg milk bottles)

Col HDPE: (eg detergent bottles)

LDPE film: (eg recycling sacks)

Plastic Recycling Collection Doncaster

The resultant plastic fractions are mainly sent to UK re-processors for re-processing into a variety of products e.g. hard surfaces for furniture or flexible drainage pipes.

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