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Office Waste Management Doncaster

Office Recycling Doncaster

Cutts Recycling operate a customised ‘Waste Save’ office-recycling scheme. This scheme was established with a view to service local offices to our Doncaster and Sheffield sites which are interested in recycling their office paper materials.

Offices are given boxes and or sacks which have been specially designed to minimise storage whilst being strong enough to hold the weight of the papers.

Current customers include retail outlets e.g. shops and travel agents, Universities and Post Offices.

Waste Office Collections Doncaster

These can be arranged on a regular schedule (weekly / fortnightly) or customers can opt to contact us when collections are required.

Office papers and newspapers should be bagged individually with cardboard flattened down and stacked separately. We request that material is collected together into a central agreed collection point.

Doncaster waste collections

Made from a rigid cardboard structure with a separate base and easily removable lid, the hexagonal office bin fits neatly in any office. The lid has a “pillar box” style opening through which office papers can easily be posted. A re-usable Hessian liner is placed in the bin and when full it is removed and stored in a designated area ready for collection.

Wheelie Bins Doncaster

Hard wearing clean and safe the wheelie bin can sit outside or inside your building and is emptied on site by one of our specially designed vehicles .

Office paper recycling

Letters and general correspondence
Photocopies / faxes
Writing paper
Windowless envelopes
Coloured paper
No carbon required paper
Computer printouts
Plastic laminated paper
Cardboard (collected separately)
Food waste
Plastic cups

Newspaper Recycling Doncaster

Magazines / brochures
Junk mail
Plastic laminated paper
Cardboard (collected separately)
Food waste
Plastic cups

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