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GREEN JUNE: Last month saw increase in food waste recycling in Doncaster

Last June saw an increase in the amount of recycling being encouraged with regards to food waste in Doncaster, Sheffield and surrounding areas.

In the UK, we throw away almost 15 million tonnes of food waste a year. In fact, more food is actually thrown away than packaging.

Doncaster has been ‘wasting’ no time in encouraging people to think about food waste, however.

Local food waste company, ReFood launched their ‘ReDesign a ReFood Truck’ campaign to encourage children in Doncaster schools to think creatively about food recycling, by designing a new food waste truck for the company. The winning school was awarded a trip round the site in Doncaster.

The campaign was so successful that it sparked a similar campaign in Liverpool, who could be following in Doncaster’s green foot steps next month.

Earlier last month, The Real Junk Food Project hosted an event at local Sharrow Community Forum that fed over 100 people with surplus food waste. The event was a success and raised almost £600 – proving that the residents of Doncaster are passionate about minimising and recycling food waste.

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