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Glass Bottle Banks

We at Cutts Recyclcing provide commercial businesses and local authorities with glass recycling services and solutions for waste minimisation. We are dedicated to providing quality, cost-effective and practically applicable service to our customers through the use of bottle banks. We care about the environment and our impact on it. Our company offers nationwide delivery of our services and our sales consultants will audit and draft a delivery schedule to suit the needs of your company.

Bottle Bins to Bottle Banks

These are recycling bins dedicated to the collection of bottles that would otherwise be incorrectly disposed of as trash. This makes it easier to recycle and filter the glass for reuse and repurposing. It is a little-known fact, but glass is 100% recyclable, whether it is green, clear, broken, whole, a bottle or a jar, glass is flexible and so are we! Saving and recycling glass is not only good for the environment, but it is also fiscally beneficial to a company or organisation. Glass recycling also saves energy.

Bottle bins are commonly located in clubs, restaurants, cafes, and bars places where waste glass is generated. With this in mind our glass bins are strong, versatile and sturdy for effective glass containment. We offer nationwide delivery as well as collection of the bins to add to our numerous glass banks. The bottle bins would be located in visible and accessible areas. Glass banks are emptied and the glass within is transported to a glass manufacturing factory to be sorted, crushed, sterilised, melted and moulded into its new form. The collection and transportation of glass waste to be recycled is one of the many services that our company provides.

Convenience and Importance

Glass recycling has many benefits from the environment to energy and the creation of job opportunities. Having glass banks in public areas such as near a park, a mall or supermarket. This raises awareness and also makes it easier for members of the public to recycle. This way the culture of recycling is nurtured within a community.
As a result of glass recycling it will save us money on energy costs because cullet melts at a lower temperature as compared to making a glass from raw materials for the first time. Therefore, we will be able to save on energy needed to melt the glass. Related air pollution is reduced by 20%, and related water pollution by 50%. Additionally, recycling glass reduces the amount of landfill space occupied by other kinds of waste.
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