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Cardboard Recycling Doncaster

Cardboard Recycling Doncaster

The UK produced an estimated 12.6 million tonnes of waste packaging in 2021. Of this 6.9 million tonnes came from households and the remaining 5.7 million tonnes from commercial and industrial sources.

Cutts Recycling has a variety of services on offer for cardboard, which can be tailor made to suit your requirements. Generally, we supply or advise on the purchasing of mill size balers for large producers of cardboard waste. Bales can be stored on site and we collect the cardboard bales on one of our curtain sided vehicles, when required.

Cardboard Recycling Doncaster

We can also supply and service a range of open top or closed skips or compaction units directly on customer sites. Again, we schedule the servicing of these to fit your pattern of use.

For smaller producers, we schedule a collection of their cardboard onto our Office Collections recycling scheme, by collection in wheelie bins or bags. We ask that the cardboard is flattened and stacked in a dry, easily accessible location for collection purposes.

Cardboard is then sorted, graded and bailed before being sent for re-processing to mills in the UK and Continental Europe. Here it is soaked in water to release the fibres, in order to turn them back into a pulp. The pulp is then pressed into sheets and dried. Cardboard is used to provide more boxes and packaging, but can also be used to make stationery and animal bedding.

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